Safeguard your mission critical data

A reliable backup plan is an absolute necessity to protect your business against accidental loss of files or system failures.  Swiftly restored systems allow for business continuity. If your data is backed up correctly, in the event of systems failure, you should be able to restore files almost instantly. 

A comprehensive disaster recovery plan will ensure your critical data is securely stored. Our expert backup and recovery services are professionally delivered no matter the type of cloud your organisation uses. In order to advise on the most suitable backup solutions for your data we take time to understand more than just your IT infrastructure and applications, we look at how your business is designed and advise on both cloud and on premise solutions. 

We fully manage backup and data restoration processes and solutions saving your teams’ time spent on configurations, monitoring job completion, tape collection and issue resolution. We can help you create a backup plan in line with business restore points and recovery time objectives and constantly monitor backup performance. 

Top features of our managed backup solution

We offer a fully managed backup solution hosted at our UK data-centres. it provides the following benefits over traditional or other mainstream cloud backup solutions:

  • Trusted UK datacentres ensures your data does not go out of hand
  • Set it and forget it design – runs as a service with zero input from the end user
  • Works over any internet connection without the need for VPN or LAN
  • Works on laptops, desktops and servers, irrespective of location
  • Block-level incremental – automatically back up only what you have changed
  • Near instant backups -new and modified files are backed up automatically to the cloud
  • Restore anywhere to any computer over the internet
  • 100% flexibility to select what and how you want backed up
  • Strong built-in encryption
  • Bandwidth management to help you adapt to your routine work patterns (i.e over 3G)
  • Proactive email alerts and desktop messages
  • You can visit us and physically access your data
  • Our state of the art infrastructure brings you the following benefits and peace of mind:
  • Fully ISO9001 & ISO27001 compliant datacentres
  • Maximum physical security with full site CCTV, recorded and monitored 24x7x365,
  • Site manned 24x7x365
  • Eliminate the need to purchase any hardware or tapes or depend on staff for changing tapes etc.
  • Single solution to manage with a simple cost structure
  • Avoid security risks attached to using portable media such as USB hard drives, memory sticks and tapes.
  • Option to backup to multiple destinations for compliance and advanced disaster recovery requirements
  • Eliminate the need to purchase expensive software to backup different technologies such as Support for OnPrem Technologies including:

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