Remote Working Solutions

Digital Nerve Centre make it possible for any number of
employees to work from home, answering the phone as normal and using systems/software as they would in the office.

As more employees work from home, in the field and while travelling between sites, you need to be sure that workforce productivity doesn’t drop. Offsite user experience must be just as good as onsite, and corporate culture just as strong as if you were together in one office. Our remote working solutions provide your workforce with the IT services and infrastructure they need to get the job done, wherever they are.

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Work effectively wherever you are

As most businesses have adopted the new work from home setup during the COVID outbreak. Do you have the correct setup for your employees? Are they accessing all systems and software as normal? Are they taking calls as normal? Now might be the ideal time for an independent review of your IT systems and communications.

With Cloud technology, it is possible for your workforce to use remote working regardless of their location. We can give them access to all the resources in the office.

Remote working has become common practice over recent years, but with the COVID-19 outbreak, we have seen the biggest increase in history. We have many users who use remote desktop connections to gain access to files and databases stored on the work servers.

Great reasons to embrace home working.

Review remote productivity

Get an accurate picture of each employee’s engagement with activity logs and productivity reports.



Employees have full access to emails, files, databases and phone systems no matter where they are.

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Reduced costs

There is no need for large office spaces if employees can work from home and still have access to resources needed to be productive. Reduce your carbon footprint.

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Calmer work environment

Employees can work from the comfort of their own home, but have full access to work systems.



Maintain a secure and efficient working environment

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