What is VDI?

Access all of your applications, data and your entire IT network from any device with our Desktop as a Service solutions, which are also known as Daas, Hosted Desktop and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). If you want to discuss your business and your Desktop as a Service plans then get in touch to tell us about your business and hear how we can help.

Technologies we use DaaSM

Corporate technology teams need to cater for remote, multi-device workforces while managing security and proving compliance.

VDI solutions are central to this, however, they are challenging and complex to implement.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) delivers a fully managed VDI platform to power you organisation’s desktop and app experiences.

We work with all of the big players in VDI including VMwareHiveIOAzure and AWS to ensure a best-fit solution every time.

IT benefits

  • Choose between leading VDI solutions
  • Free Proof of Concept
  • No expensive hardware to buy, configure and manage
  • Deploy in the cloud, on-premise or into any global colocation facility
  • Fully managed as standard
  • UK-based, Tier 3 data centres
  • Monitor and control your resources
  • OPEX from day one
  • Migrate on-premise infrastructure into the cloud.

Organisational benefits

  • Enable and manage BYOD at scale
  • Allow any device (Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple, Android)
  • Dramatically cut costs of delivering desktops in-house
  • Scale and flex desktops to meet changing demands
  • Deliver intensive applications like Adobe Photoshop and CAD
  • Stop investing in specialist computers and graphics processors
  • Manage access to company-owned assets and IP
  • Identity and access management
  • Flexible contract terms

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How Our Desktop as a Service (Daas) Solutions Work

From a user perspective, Desktop As A Service provides the same experience as a traditional on-premise IT solution, however because the data and applications used are hosted in a data centre, the user will benefit from a faster and more reliable system.

By hosting data and applications in the Cloud, end-users simply connect their device to the network via the internet and work as normal, allowing them to work from anywhere and on any device with exactly the same user experience.

A Desktop as a Service solution allows businesses to use older and less powerful PCs, laptops and tablets, or even dumb-terminals, for end-users as all of the processing power required in carried out by the server. This approach not only provides a very flexible solution for users, but a scalable and cost-effective one for businesses.

We can help with this process by migrating existing IT solutions into a DaaS environment or by setting up and configuring a brand new network. Our team of accredited engineers have a huge amount of experience and as a Microsoft Gold Partner (the highest level you can get) we are perfectly placed to help businesses adopt a Desktop as a Service solution.

Deliver apps to any device

Easily scale and provision desktops

Fully managed infrastructure

Simple pricing model

Slash costs

Building a dedicated platform for VDI is expensive and complex. By utilising Desktop as a Service from Cloudhelix, you get a fixed per desktop pricing model that works out a lot cheaper than building your own platform. Simple, predictive OPEX billing. Flexible terms. No surprises.

Accelerate time to value

We’re built to be agile, which means we can drastically reduce the time it takes to move from POC to production-ready. Deliver real-world outcomes and at-scale transformation in days, not months.

Managed infrastructure

Whether you host with us, in the public cloud or on-premise, we manage up to the OS as standard. This leaves you to focus on your organisation, its applications and your users rather than the technology underneath.

Unbeatable performance

By using the best tools at all levels of the technology stack, we guarantee fast, stable experiences for all end users, wherever they are located. We also have a range of desktop sizes and customisation options available, including GPU enabled desktops.

Super secure

Move away from hosting on-site and utilise our UK-based Tier 3 data centres or even move into the public cloud. We’re ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited and can guarantee data sovereignty where required.

Enterprise Integration

VDI makes it easy for IT to integrate cloud-hosted desktops and apps into the existing corporate environment, utilising your Active Directory and corporate application/ file services, simplifying setup and management.