Flexible colocation to suit your business needs

Digital Nerve Centre offers a wide range of flexible colocation solutions to meet your power and space requirements. Digital Nerve Centre Colocation is designed to have maximum flexibility with total transparency.

Digital Nerve Centre offers flexible colocation to meet your IT power and space requirements. The modular facilities are designed to scale up with customer growth. This combined with truly flexible commercials allows customers to grow in a cost efficient and unrestrictive environment. To discuss any colocation requirements that your business has, please feel free to call our dedicated Solutions Team . 


Disaster Recovery

As well as providing physical and remote backup options within our data centre we also offer physical office space in the event of a disaster. This allows us to provide our customers with a space in our office where key members of staff can work from if their office becomes unavailable due to a disaster.

Disaster Recovery

High-Speed Connectivity

The connectivity to any data held in our data centre must be able to be accessed quickly by all of our clients, which is why we provide high-speed connectivity across all of our services, but can also provide dedicated lease lines for your own servers to maximise speed and ensure consistency of speed at all times.


Security and Continuity

As a leading provider of cyber security software and solutions we provide high levels of security to all clients using our data centre to significantly reduce the risk of cyber-crime. We constantly review and update our solutions so they are always up to date against the latest threats.

Security and Continuity

24/7 Physical Security

Our data centre is located in a private and safe location, with a gated border, access systems on all doors, finger print access to server rooms and 24/7 monitored CCTV and alarm services across the property. This ensures that our data centre, and the data within it, is protected at all times.

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